On first hearing Rock Goddess vocalist Jody Turner performing with customary vocal power at the old Marquee Club in London’s Wardour Street in the early eighties, Freddie Salem, frontman of US gonzo rockers The Godz (look ’em up – they were great), memorably proclaimed ‘that girl’s got a voice to call hogs!’. Now over thirty years later, Rock Goddess are back and, I’m pleased to announce, the voice is still there…

To be honest, Turner’s voice is the most impressive thing about this all-too-brief three track EP; The band don’t hang around long enough to truly impress the casual listener, doing enough to reassure long-term fans that the mojo is still there but little else.

The title track and third track We’re All Metal sound like companion pieces – stripped down, anthemic chugfests both, and definitely cut from the same sonic cloth – whilst the meat in the sandwich, Back Off, offers the sort of feisty attitude the girls became known for in their heyday via a snarling vocal and some brooding rifferama from Turner and bassist Tracey Lamb.

Jody’s drumming sister Julie keeps her end up with some simple but effective timekeeping, and that’s about it. Like I say, enough to warm up old fans for me, that’s for sure, but can we have a full-length soon please?

Rock Goddess will release It’s More Than Rock n’Roll on May 19th.