GET YA ROCKS OFF- that is just what Silverback Touring wants you to do as it presents its first ever club event on Friday 30th August in Melbourne at Globe Alley. After a bumper eighteen months, the Silverback team want to bring back the party atmosphere of yesteryear and you’re invited!

The monthly event will provide a platform for local, and interstate, live talent and up for it rock DJ’s playing a bastardised fusion of “every damn era of rock”; Best of all, the event will always be free!

Speaking on the event, Silverback Director, Danny Bazzi said, “the time was right for this type of event and, in Melbourne particularly, where there remains a culture and appreciation of live music as well as a vibrant nightlife scene. Bringing the elements of live music and party vibes is something I have always wanted to do and the opportunity to do it in a like-minded venue, is too hard to pass up”.

The live talent on opening night is supplied by Melbourne legends Ablaze, who will hit the stage at ten PM – seem a bit late? Don’t worry, you’ll dountless be having too much fun soaking up the choonz, gorging on Silverback burgers and playing free pool to worry…

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