Sahg from Bergen, Norway, exploded into the scene in 2006 and since then have toured across the world and shared stages with some of the metal scene’s greatest acts. The band has released one EP and five full length albums that has made them more than just an insider tip.

With their new studio album Born Demon, reborn as a trio and with the finest doomy metal, Sahg are back with a big bang. High energy, in-your-face, simply demonic! With Born Demon, Sahg are set to deliver their strongest output to date. Classic heavy metal for the new age, with a desire for the occult, aversion for religion, and a gloomy gaze into the inevitable apocalypse, all served with a bite of cold Norwegian Blackness.

Guitarist/Vocalist Olav Iversen says: “We chose Born Demon as the title track, and to release it as a single, because it is one of the heaviest tracks on the record, and it tells something about the overall theme on the album. About how all human beings have their demons. Everyone has an evil side, dark powers which are hard to control, and which sometimes go out of control, and make us do bad things to ourselves and to others. Every one of us is born with a dark side, and everyone is Born Demon.

The lyrics are about the newborn child of a woman and a demon. The mother is in deep shame and deeply regrets her mistake with the evil seducer. She doesn’t want the child, and plans to leave the newborn deep in the forest to die. But the child uses its demonic powers to get back at her in the most gruesome way…

The song originated from a riff that I wrote many, many years ago, in the early years of Sahg’s existence. It has stuck with me through all this time, and I always loved the heavy, dark vibe of it, but I haven’t been able to write a song from it, until now. That riff is now the main riff of Born Demon. The song materialised when I came up with the verse, and when we made the massive choir arrangements towards the end. We decided to go full-on Queen on that part, with the entire band singing along. And we have no regrets for doing it”.