Austrian black metal project Sanguinary Trance pose many questions of the listener during the three tracks they offer up as a debut EP release; That they answer none of them is possibly to be expected, such are the tropes of mysterium in which they are seemingly well-versed. Better then to concentrate not on the motives or ideals of the ‘band’ but purely on the music.

I say ‘band’ advisedly as Sanguinary Trance is the work of one, anonymous individual aided where necessary by session musicians. However the sound produced is cohesive, and sounds well constructed both in terms of sound and final product. In all respects this sounds like the work of a ‘band’.

Sanguinary Trance offer nothing to the listener that is as yet unheard; rather they pull together streams of black metal thought from all areas of that genre’s prism in a lurching, often schizophrenic-sounding maelstrom that in some places puts them in the realms of orgiastic ritual, at others in purely bestial, disturbingly dissonant territory that offers no quarter to the listener.

Final song The Dionysos Whip might be deemed horrifying by those not hardened to this kind of music, it’s sudden demise coming as balm to the ears, whilst leaving unlit souls more ready to throw themselves upon the mercy of the artist, wanting more.

Yet even as this song will be deemed unlistenable by many this is where the project is at it’s most effective. And should the shadow-dwelling progenitors of this anti-music decide to create more extensively, then categorically this is the direction that offers most satisfaction, both to creator and end user. I look forward to hearing the results, but for now am content with the small amount of art yet proffered.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice is out now in digital and limited cassette formats.