Hailing from Lund, Sweden, Satanic Surfers formed back in 1989, when they were a bunch of teenage punks. They were – and still are – one of the top three acts within the Swedish melodic punk rock scene, together with Millencolin and No Fun At All. During their initial eighteen years of existence, the band toured extensively through Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia. And finally, before going on an eight-year hiatus, the band reached South America, where they still have a tremendous following of dedicated fans.

Returning to the stages of the world in the summer of 2015, Satanic Surfers played all the major punk festivals across the globe. They toured throughout South America twice, did a Japanese tour, and sold out every show on their tour through Germany. The heart warming reception of crowds worldwide encouraged the band to work on their highly anticipated seventh album, Back From Hell. This record will be the band’s first full-length studio outing since 2005’s Taste the Poison.

That makes this release their first studio record in a lucky thirteen years, and Back From Hell is quintessential Satanic Surfers. It’s an album written by a band in its essence, with newfound energy, vigour, and strength. Simply put, this is high-energy punk rock embodying all the elements and characteristics of the band: ripping, ragingly melodic & heartfelt eighties skate-punk like early Samiam, 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, ALL, Insted and Pennywise, but with a fascinatingly tricky touch all their own. Become possessed to skate and come back from hell!

The album will be released on April 13th through the new Mondo Macabre label, and you can hear a track from the record below!

Back From Hell Tracklist:

The Usurper
Catch My Breath
All Gone To Shit
Ain’t No Ripper
Going Nowhere Fast
Paying Tribute
Pato Loco
Back From Hell