Swedish punks Saturdays Heroes belie their Oi!-influenced name on this new EP, actually delivering a sort of melodic pub-punk rather than the terrace anthems their name suggests.

They’re Swedish, as noted, and the Swedes really can’t help but invest their punk rock with melody, so third track Dead of Night really has that Millencolin feel as you might expect, whereas the first two tracks, We’re All Done and I Will Be Right There operate more in the Social Distortion theatre of operations.

But whatever the influences, it’s an infectious racket the boys cook up, and they don’t hang about either, cramming seven tracks into this EP’s twenty three minute duration. Seven Seas features some great lead guitar from singer Alex Lachan but overall this isn’t about personal prowess or virtuoso playing; rather the band opt for simple, catchy, all-in-this-together type roustabout singalongs that affect the listener on a far deeper level than just admiring a bit of good singing and playing. This Is The End, for instance, carries an irresistible chorus that’ll have you wrapping your arms around the neck of whoever happens to be standing near you when it comes on and attempting to pogo them into oblivion whilst bellowing along enthusiastically (and probably tunelessly) at high volume.

Best track is probably Black Clouds, where everything makes the most sense in a delirious Dropkick Murphys kinda way – and the band do manage to slip a bit of terrace-type chanting into this one – but whatever your personal punk tastes you’re going to find something that gets the juices flowing on this excellent little EP. Great stuff!

Turn Up The Music! releases on September 4th