Satyricon have been proudly forging their own unique path for over twenty five years, ever evolving with each release. The duo comprised of drummer Frost and frontman Satyr have blasted up the ranks for decades producing some of the most pivotal albums in black metal.

Their reputation as one of modern metal’s most vital, important and forward-thinking bands is way beyond dispute and routinely backed up by their unerring prowess and power as one of the great live bands. Satyricon are in better form than ever and it “sounds like they have just tapped into a fresh well of inspiration and are determined to drain it dry.” – Metal Hammer

There is a lot of whispering that this may well be the last time we ever see Satyricon in the country but we hope that’s not the case, but if they do stop here then what a glorious endgame.

Joining Satyricon will be one of the fastest rising Metal bands in Australia… Deadspace. Boasting influences from post black metal, depressive black metal, post rock, goth rock and melodic death metal but consistently failing to hide behind either. Deadspace bring a frenzied spirit of fury and desperation into the live arena, delivering an undeniably dense aura of emotional destruction.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 31 January, 9am local


Tuesday 24 April – Capitol, Perth -18+

Thursday 26 April – Max Watts, Melbourne -18+

Friday 27 April – Transit Bar, Canberra -18+

Saturday 28 April – Metro Theatre, Sydney -18+

Sunday 29 April – The Triffid, Brisbane – 18+

Frost on Touring: “I can sincerely say that I still enjoy it. Of course there are downsides to touring, there are downsides to everything. It can be hard, it’s sometimes hard to be close to other people all the time, sometimes it feels like your passion becomes more like hard work than anything else. But I feel that we have pretty much managed to stay on the right side of things. On every tour there is always some kind of experience that I haven’t had before, you maybe interpret songs live in different ways, and so the interaction with the audience happens differently, which affects the way you perform. And all of that keeps things interesting. Also I have a very sincere passion for the music, as do the rest of the guys in the touring band. So that very much keeps our spirits up”.

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