Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Houston Texas’ industrialised Gothic doom/death metal act SaviorSkin.

Soon-come new album Omnipotence Of The Absolute features guest appearances by Kam Lee (Massacre/Death) and perennial Sentinel Daily fave Rogga Johansson (Paganizer/Ribspreader/Ghoulhouse).

Hailing from Houston, Texas, SaviorSkin formed in 2018 and perform industrialised Gothic doom/death metal. Omnipotence Of The Absolute showcases eight morose hymns, each one a hateful mirror thrust into the faces of the indoctrinated. SaviorSkin take influence from post-punk Goth to the death and doom metal of yore, along with industrialised pulsing machine rhythms and catchy sensibilities that most underground metal outfits fear to employ.

SaviorSkin hover around the depths of doom; underneath it all the perfect machination of organized chaotic noises… experience the heaviness of one’s dark night, without the pain. Treacherous melodies imply a sense of light and salvation, but these are empty promises: the cold, relentless machinery that serves as the heart of this recording exist only to crush both idols and hope. Omnipotence Of The Absolute features guest appearances by not only from Lee (Massacre/Death) and Johansson (Paganizer/Ribspreader/Ghoulhouse) but also Bobby Tufino (Dialogia).

Descend into plains of burning crosses and the remnants of abandoned humanity – there can be no return!

Listen to the track “Breaking Point” Below!


Breaking Point
Chastising The Nothing
Wages Of Sin
By Silence Betrayed