Last year, the band lifted the secret of Schattenmann’s identity and took the Gothic scene by storm. Within two years, singer Frank Herzig raised the bar for the future of Neue Deutsche Härte,
and, together with his band mates Luke Shook (bass), Jan Suk (guitars) and drummer Nils Kinzig completing the line-up, they brought the genre, invented by groups like Rammstein and Oomph!!!, back to life and with their support tours with bands like Megahzer, Hämatom and Unzucht got everyone talking about the new slogan ‘NDH 2.0’

Their experiences on tour and especially their spectacular debut at the Mera Luna Festival in the summer 2018 inspired Frank Herzig to start the work on Epidemie – the band’s soon-come new album- soon after this first release. “I started the songwriting already in April“, said Frank, “our first tour and everything that happened around it really drove my creativity, I just had to go on”.

Many months of work formed the ideas and melodies of Epidemie, and with this new album Schattenmann go further than ever before, presenting an exciting mix of the harsh heaviness of NDH,  brachial metal riffs and danceable, easy-going hooklines. Epidemie is an emotional rollercoaster which also reveals some of the inner emotions of the young musicians. This way, the Franconians create an album crossing the border between metal and NDH and set their mark impressively.

It is an album Frank Herzig noticeably feels comfortable with, as he confirms himself: “We got more mature this way and sharpened our own style much more without losing our diversity“. He worked on every single track and the production for a long time, “I wanted to give a voice to each aspect of Epidemie“.

Like no other album in NDH before, Epidemie moves musically and lyrically in a permanent dance between prejudices and the labels people try to put on German speaking music nowadays. Epidemie is not only the undertow into this world of subtle overtones – but also the dawning recognition that there is much more between light and darkness than just disdainful grey. Energetic and tempting, at the same time relentless and impulsive.