Dutch metal outfit Selfmachine‘s sophomore album Societal Arcade is finally out via Wormholedeath / The Orchard, Aural Music and Carlo Bellotti Publishing US. The new full-lengther was recorded at Realsound Studios, Italy and mixed and mastered by legendary metal producer Waldemar Sorychta and Dennis Koehne.

To celebrate this event, the band has just released the official video for the song Giddy-Up!, the third track taken from Societal Arcade.

Giddy-Up! is the first music video taken from Selfmachine’s second album. The concept for the video was created by lead singer Steven Leijen and beautifully brought to life by David Hazeleger from TDD Studios. The song touches on the subject of the stress involved to reach goals and the fears of not succeeding while we completely forget to live and enjoy ourselves. Life is a party, especially if you come party with Selfmachine!

The band says of the clip: “Shooting the video for Giddy-Up! was an awesome experience. As always we have made and arranged everything ourselves. This means we have spent a lot of free weekends building the robot, creating its lights, spray painting the metal, teaching it how to play guitar and of course how to dance! We also had the help of our friend David Hazeleger for the filming, editing and post production. But of course we didn’t use post production for the robot”…