We’ve been busier than ever listening to new music in 2017 in the Sentinel Daily office, and the task of compiling a top one hundred list was a mountainous one; As ever, we didn’t rely on our own writers opinions solely but opened the poll out to a worldwide panel of nearly fifty music identities from around the globe, hopefully ensuring that SD editor Scott Adams‘ predilection for anything that sounds like it was recorded in or around 1987 isn’t given an unfair advantage… So, here we are with the first of a four part series running down the albums we and our cohorts decided were the very best that the year in rock and metal had to offer…

100. SepticfleshCodex Omega (Season of Mist)

99. Fozzy Judas (Century Media)

98. Iron Monkey9-13 (Relapse)

97. The Dark ElementThe Dark Element (Frontiers Music)

96. The DarknessPinewood Smile (Canary Dwarf/Cooking Vinyl)

95. WitherfallNocturnes and Requiems (Own Label)

94. SiftingNot From Here (Eclipse Music)

93. Sun of the SleeplessTo the Elements (Lupus Lounge)

92. Ne ObliviscarisUrn (Season of Mist)

91. Ghost BathStarmourner (Northern Silence Productions)

90. EvilRites of Evil (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

89. Anubis GateCovered in Black (Nightmare Records)

88. VuurIn This Moment We Are Free – Cities (InsideOut Music)

87. DomgårdÖdelagt  (Carnal Records)

86. Blood FeastThe Future State of Wicked (Hells Headbangers)

85. Electric MountainElectric Mountain (Own Label)

84. The ContortionistClairvoyant (eOne Music)

83. AlunahSolennial (Svart Records)

82. Bad BonesDemolition Derby (Sliptrick Records)

81. Vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him (Century Media)

80. DesecratorTo the Gallows (Dinner For Wolves)

79. IgneaThe Sign of Faith (Own Label)

78. QuicksandInteriors (Epitaph)

77. Abhorrent DecimationThe Pardoner (Prosthetic Records)

76. Cannibal CorpseRed Before Black (Metal Blade)