90. Mob RulesTales From Beyond (Steamhammer/SPV)

“Solidly dependable Teutonic metal…Tales From Beyond is the band’s eighth studio album and it’s an absolute cracker”. – Andrew Orel, 08/04/16

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89. The New RosesDead Man’s Voice (Napalm Records)

“Retro rocking styles for modern day rockers… I certainly think every one of you out there reading this will find a lot to take away from Dead Man’s Voice. Pretty much essential if you love gritty hard rock!” – Gavin Strickmann, 21/03/16

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88. DeftonesGore (Reprise)

Gore saw Deftones finally transcend any of the tags that have dogged them over the years to triumphantly emerge as one of the few great bands that stand alone from any generic encumbrance. A gloriously varied album, it saw the combustive creative unit of vocalist Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter firing fully on all cylinders. – Scott Adams

87. Pierce the VeilMisadventures (Fearless)

Misadventures saw Pierce the Veil honing their skills to surgical sharpness across a series of superb songs, in the process creating a quintessential post-hardcore/emo collection. Vic Fuentes sings his arse off, whilst Tony Perry‘s epic guitar skills will delight with their intricacy whilst still causing unscheduled outbreaks of air guitar frenzy. You can’t ask for much more, really. – Scott Adams

86. SabatonThe Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)

“The seeming paucity of new ideas lead this reviewer at least to suspect that this album will not be viewed by history as one of Sabaton’s best”. – Scott Adams, 31/08/16

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85. DemonCemetery Junction (Spaced Out Music)

“Ideal for anyone who values high quality, professional songwriting and musicianship over shock and awe theatrics”. – Gavin Strickmann, 04/11/2016

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84. Iron SaviorTitancraft (AFM)

German veterans Iron Savior don’t change much; Titancraft is their tenth studio full-lengther and if you don’t know what to expect by now from them you might well be reading the wrong magazine. That said, they never disappoint and Piet Sielck and company have come up trumps agAin with this album choc full of anthem power metal treats. – Ferry Templeton

83 Fake IdolsWitness (Scarlet Records)

“At the end of the day there’s nothing earth shakingly original going on on Witness, but there is an awful lot of enjoyable, melodic hard rock to feast one’s ears upon, and sometimes I think that’s enough, don’t you?” – Gavin Strickmann, 18/08/16

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82. Hammer KingKing is Rising (Cruz del Sur Music)

“If you laugh at people in denim ‘battle jackets’ and the thought of Festivals with titles like ‘Bang Your Head’ and ‘Keep it True’ then you’ll probably derive nothing but some sort of ironic, smug glee from King is Rising. If, like me, however, you love true metal with every fibre of your ridiculous being, then you must own this record”. – Scott Adams 23/11/16

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81. MedevilConductor of Storms (Own Label)

“What Medevil have done is take all the things we know and love about ‘proper’ heavy metal – great singing, solid, at times highly impressive musicianship and, most importantly, songwriting craft and flair, and formed them into something that is at once familiar yet exciting”. – Ferry Templeton, 26/08/16

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