80. Vicious RumorsConcussion Protocol (Steamhammer/SPV)

“Depend on Vicious Rumors to bring the riffs… the overall impression you get from the material here is of a band possible edging back towards peak performance”. – Scott Adams 08/07/16

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79. AirbourneBreakin’ Outta Hell (Spinefarm)

The format is wilting a little now,  but there are still enough truly exciting moments from Airbourne on BOH to warrant it’s place on our chart. – Gavin Strickmann

78. CandleboxDisappearing in Airports (Pavement Music)

The band from Seattle that everyone seems to forget, Candlebox have been quietly plugging away constantly since their quadruple-platinum glory days; DiA seems them even more radio-friendly than ever, ageing gracefully but still able to pull out choice choruses like Supernova every now and then. – Gavin Strickmann

77. NumenoreanHome (Season of Mist)

Spectacularly affecting black metal is at the heart of everything Canada’s Numenorean do; Heart rending shoegaze and post-metal stylings are given full vent in the mix too, the result being a peculiarly beguiling broth that never ceases to delight, even at it’s most introspective and depressive. – Michael Stronge

76. Resurrection KingsResurrection Kings (Frontiers)

“For once that over used ‘supergroup’ soubriquet is well deserved… Lovers of that classic hard rocking metal sound of the late eighties will lap up every last second of this release.”. – Scott Adams 10/03/16

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75. Anal BlasphemyWestern Decadence (Iron Bonehead Productions)

“I do love a bit of Anal Blasphemy, and the mastermind behind the madness, Molestor Kadotus, is showing strong signs of a new direction with fourth album Western Decadence“. – Albert Petersen, 07/05/16

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74. IngloriousInglorious (Frontiers)

“The band continues to garner more fans by the day doing just what they’re doing, and with the likes of David Coverdale and Whitesnake now clearly on the wane there’s clearly about to be a big gap in the market for 1987-styled mayhem about to open up; there’s no reason why Inglorious shouldn’t fill that gap”. – Scott Adams, 29/03/16

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73. PliniHandmade Cities (Own Label)

Handmade Cities is a fabulous collection of jazzy eclecticism – kinda like Russ Freeman‘s Rippingtons recalibrated for metal-loving millennials – packed with enough fleet-fingered fretwork to keep the metalheads happy whilst also keeping those who like something a little more melodic happily supplied with oodles of the good stuff”. – Scott Adams, 09/12/16

72. Trees of EternityHour of the Nightingale (Svart)

“Perhaps the best thing about Trees of Eternity is that they provoke no real comparison with anyone else; Operating broadly in a sort of folk/doom area, the band plow their own furrow resolutely, and with spine-tingling success”. – Scott Adams 14/10/16

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71. ToxiconPurge (Own Label)

” I’d definitely say that Purge is worth some of your time and money if you’re a fan of twenty first century thrash metal”. – Michael Stronge, 17/08/16

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