70. Ruts DCMusic Must Destroy (Westworld Recordings)

“Not at all bad, then, but if you’re looking for a new Babylon’s Burning or Staring at the Rude Boys you’re in for a disappointment”. – Scott Adams, 27/09/16

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69. Elm Street Knock ’em Out… With a Metal Fist (Elm Street)

“Excellent tracks like Heavy Mental and Heart Racer do confirm early suspicions that Elm Street might be quite close to being the real deal”. – Scott Adams, 05/07/16

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68. MarauderBullet Head (Pitch Black Records)

Bullethead is one of those rare things nowadays, a hearty, unpretentious metal record that pushes no agenda, attaches itself to no bandwagon and just rocks like a bastard for the pure hell of it. It’s an absolute must-hear in my opinion”. – Gavin Strickmann, 26/04/16

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67. Mucho SonarRodents (Own Label)

“As you absent-mindedly find yourself humming the virulently catchy refrains of the songs on Rodents as you go about your business you’ll realise that, like me, you’ve been thoroughly snared by Mucho Sonar”. – Scott Adams, 21/09/16

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66. SumerlandsSumerlands (Relapse Records)

” Led from the front by superb guitarist Arthur Rizk and the out of this world vocals of former Hour of 13 man Phil Carlson, Sumerlands have all your trad metal needs covered on their debut record”. – Ferry Templeton, 16/09/16

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65. MagnumSacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies (Steamhammer/SPV)

‘Like I said, any Magnum is better than no Magnum at all, But there are just too many average tracks here to make this any more than just ‘another’ Magnum record. If you’re thinking of getting into Magnum for the first time I’d suggest any of their eighties albums first, and then maybe come to this later”. – Gavin Strickmann, 26/03/16

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64. AggravatorSterile Existence (Dead Center Productions)

“Aggravator have identified their theatre of operations and are competing therein with maximum effect. No-frills, high impact thrash – who could want for anything more?” – Michael Stronge, 02/10/16

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63. Blood CeremonyLord of Misrule (Rise Above)

“I’ve always had a soft/hard spot for Blood Ceremony; their combination of doomy goodness and airy flute make a splendid contradiction both above and below the abyss”. – Albert Petersen, 22/03/16

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62. Twelve Foot NinjaOutlier (Volkanik Music)

“If ever a band was ready to take on Faith No More‘s mantle as the emperors of alt.metal, it’s Twelve Foot Ninja” – Scott Adams, 09/12/16

61. The DrowningSenescent Signs (Casket Music)

“Easily the best band to emerge in this field since the glory days of the British doom/death genre, The Drowning really do have a lot to offer the metal scene in 2016 – do yourself a favour and get yourself a dose of Senescent Signs as soon as possible”. – Ferry Templeton, 22/06/16

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