40. BrainstormScary Creatures (AFM)

‘Classy stuff… at times breathtaking’ – Ferry Templeton, 14/03/16

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39. Deströyer 666Wildfire (Season of Mist)

Truly getting better with age, D666 returned to the fray in 2016 with an album that was, simply, just more of everything that makes them such an exciting band, but perhaps with just a little holding back on the ‘out of control’ levers; Consequently they delivered a record that was easily their most accessible, whilst still noxious enough to keep old faithfuls like me happy. – Michael Stronge

38. KvelertakNattesferd (Indie Recordings)

Norwegian strangelings Kvelertak have never bowed to the public will, and this was never more apparent than with their offering for 2016, Nattesferd. Their modus operandi is simple: Just chuck everything we like into a blender and see what comes out. Luckily for the ‘tak the results of this process are still hugely enjoyable, with Nattesferd taking the band further away from their noisy roots yet still retaining every ounce of the band’s considerable integrity.  – Michael Stronge

37. Dream the Electric Sleep Beneath the Dark Wide Sky (Mutiny Records/OMN)

‘From start to finish this album is never less than compelling, and there are times when you’ll be utterly swept up in the yearning grandeur of it all – I can’t recommend Beneath… highly enough’. – Scott Adams, 03/08/16

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36. Stuck MojoHere Come the Infidels (Stuck Mojo Music)

‘A very pleasant surprise indeed… Absolutely worth seeking out’ – Scott Adams, 21/06/16.

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35. Lucifer’s HammerBeyond the Omens (Shadow Kingdom Records)

‘Prepare to take an incredibly enjoyable trip back through time… As an honest, warts and all tribute to the glory days of British heavy metal this is pretty much faultless… I make no bones about recommending Beyond the Omens to you whole heartedly. Thrilling stuff’. – Scott Adams, 06/06/16

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34. PrimitaiNight Brings Insanity (Own Label)

‘Once again Primitai show that they’ve really got it within their grasp to make big strides towards the top of their chosen tree, with an album that won’t fail to bring enjoyment to any and all who come across it. Nice work’. – Scott Adams 03/05/16

33. MetallicaHardwired… to Self Destruct (Blackened)

‘Overall, it’s a damn good record, but a classic it’s ain’t. I’m just glad they have new material so they can hit the road again!’ – Chris Maric, 21/11/16

Read Chris’ full review and hear a track from Hardwired… HERE

32. KryptosBurn up the Night (AFM)

‘Absolutely their best yet.. absolutely every track here has something going for it, and I’d unreservedly recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of trad metal in their ears from time to time’. – Ferry Templeton, 06/09/16

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31. Amon AmarthJornsviking (Metal Blade)

‘All up then a fine, fine record, and certainly worthy of the legacy this band continues to create. Here’s to the next ten! Horns up!’ – Ferry Templeton, 24/03/16

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