30. SisterStand Up, Forward, March! (Metal Blade)

‘It has to be said that there’s more than enough good stuff on offer here to keep all but the most ravenous hair/sleaze metallist satisfied’. – Gavin Strickmann, 22/11/16

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29. Captain CrimsonRemind (Small Stone)

‘The Örebro production line delivers again… I urge you – actually I’m reminding you – to get hold of Remind at your earliest convenience’. – Gavin Strickmann, 29/09/16

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28. Heaven BelowGood Morning Apocalypse (EMP Label Group)

‘Three albums into their career now, it looks like Heaven Below might be quite ready to make the step up in class the ambitious nature of their material so obviously needs and deserves – I’m looking forward to see where they take this next’. – Gavin Strickmann, 07/10/16

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27. BATWings of Chains (Hells Headbangers)

‘Frantic crossover fun…. this is essential listening for old thrashers, punks, hardcore kids and metalheads alike’. – Michael Stronge, 16/05/16

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26. World Be FreeThe Anti-Circle (Revelation)

‘A short sharp lesson in punk excellence… Neither too aggressive nor too twee, they’ve struck a happy hardcore medium with this one. It’s a keeper, for sure’. – Michael Stronge, 10/03/16

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25. Anti-PastiRise Up (Westworld Recordings)

‘Quality stuff – as good now as it’s always been… Records like this don’t come along too often, so make sure you snap this up now’. – Michael Stronge, 22/08/16

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Listen to Scott Adams in conversation with Anti-Pasti’s Kev Nixon HERE

24. Spiritual BeggarsSunrise to Sundown (Century Media)

‘There quite literally is not a second of music wasted on this release, and if you have any interest at all in quality ‘classic’ heavy rock I urge you not to waste a second more of your time before you hightail it down to your local recorded output emporium and invest in a copy’. – Scott Adams, 30/03/16

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23. HatebreedConcrete Confessional (Nuclear Blast)

‘You go into a Hatebreed listening session knowing exactly what to expect, and on that level, The Concrete Confessional is an unmitigated success; Jamey Jasta rages, those axes grind out their Slayer-meets-Cro-Mags schtick – you know the drill…’ – Michael Stronge, 29/04/16

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22. DischargeEnd of Days (Nuclear Blast)

‘Not bad then, not bad at all, but overall just a tad on the ‘metal’ side to be a truly classic Discharge album for my tastes…’ – Michael Stronge, 28/03/16

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21. Drive, She SaidPedal to the Metal (Frontiers Music)

‘AOR seems to be making a bit of a comeback lately, but many of the new pretenders to this particular throne flatter to deceive; Drive, She Said are true contenders, and Pedal to the Metal is easily up there with the best of their early releases. This is a must-buy album for all fans of melodic rock’. – Gavin Strickmann, 19/04/16

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