Join us as we kick off this year’s look back at the best rock and metal albums of the last twelve months with numbers 100-76 of Sentinel Daily’s Top One Hundred Albums of 2021!

100. Fiction SyxxGhost of My Fathers Past (MR Records)
99. LedfootBlack Valley (TBC Records)
98. Michael Schenker GroupImmortal (Nuclear Blast)
97. BulbModerately Fast, Honestly Furious (3DOT Recordings)
96. IronboundThe Lightbringer (Ossuary Records)
95. Sami YaffaThe Innermost Journey of Your Outermost Mind (Livewire/Cargo Records)
94. Tommy Stewart’s DyerwulfDoomsday Deferred – (Black Doomba)
93. Tragedy and TriumphWhere Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall (MDD Music)
92. GravehufferNecroEclosion (Black Doomba)
91. DemonztratorSinister Forces of Hatred (Ossuary Records)
90. AeonGod Ends Here (Metal Blade)
89. L.A. GunsCheckered Past (Frontiers Records)
88. AFIBodies (Rise)
87. WheelPreserved In Time (Cruz Del Sur Music)
86. Kent HilliThe Rumble (Frontiers Music)
85. CarcassTorn Arteries (Nuclear Blast)
84. Lucifer’s Fall From The Deep (Sun and Moon Records)
83. ShadowlandThe Necromancer’s Castle (No Remorse Records)
82. TriviumIn The Court of the Dragon (Roadrunner)
81. ManeskinTeatro d’Ira (Sony/RCA)
80. Blood Red ThroneImperial Congregation (Nuclear Blast)
79. Billy F GibbonsHardware (Concorde)
78. Electric BoysUps!de Down (Mighty Music)
77. WerewolvesWhat A Time To Be Alive (Prosthetic Records)
76. Cathartic DemiseIn Absence (Own Label)