Swedish grinders Sickrecy know a thing or two about this sort of thing. Years combined in the trenches in bands like General Surgery and World In Ruins have seen to that. But you never get the sense that the three filth hounds behind First World Anxiety are in any way jaded or done in. FWA might well sound like the audial equivalent of a roll around in rotting entrails – but it’s a remarkably fresh sound for all that…

Hence although the grind/d-beat/crust tropes are all present and correct, howling furies like the title track are assaulted with such gusto that you’ll stop barking out the names of bands the track reminds you of after about ten seconds to get involved in the more pressing task of thrashing around your living quarters with as much abandon as space allows.

The unforgiving riff/drum juxtaposition of I Am Paty is similarly satisfying; simple and repetitive in the best way, having at the listener’s skull like a mad cider fiend who’s just discovered the last of the White Lightning has been swapped for half a packet of tabs and some Dog Food, it’s the desensitisation of violence made sonic flesh. You either get it or you don’t – this isn’t a record that’s going to convert any grind waverers, let’s be honest – but if you do this is a track you’ll be returning to often over the next few months, I guarantee.

Last In Line is utterly manic (not a Dio cover then? – Ed), more metallic in that it has a solo in it (albeit a sloppy, ‘punk’ idea of a solo), and probably this reviewer’s fave track of the half a dozen on offer. But in real terms highlight nomination is pretty redundant when every track delivers what is intended by it’s progenitors in spades. Up the Punx, and more power to Sickrecy – more soon please!

First World Anxiety Releases on June 4th.