Progressive rockers Sifting have delivered a very, very good album for their Eclipse Records debut.  Not From Here was released on September 29 worldwide.  Technically proficient and combining elements from a variety of genres at times, this is one of those rare finds.  The album is a ten track odyssey that clocks in at just over fifty two minutes long.  The album delivers a wonderful ride from beginning to end.

Sifting’s roots lie in Caracas, Venezuela where Eduardo O Gil (Vocals, Guitar), after a tragic accident that claimed both his mother and his grandmother, turned to writing original material to cope with his loss.  He gathered some friends from the local music scene and entered the studio to record their debut album.

The band gained popularity through live performances and as a result were picked as support for Bullet For My Valentine for their Latin America tour in 2011.  In 2013 the band released the recorded album, All The Hated.  The title track was chosen for Rock Band which gained them a significant following in the US where they would choose to move to seek recognition on the world stage.

In early 2014 Eduardo and Abelardo Bolaño (drums) left everything behind to move to Los Angeles, California.  They brought in Wins Jarquin (Bass) and Richard Garcia (Lead Guitar) to round out the band in the US.  The band commenced writing and gigging which soon brought them to the attention of Steve Evetts (Suicide Silence, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sense’s Fail) and they recorded a three track EP which brought them to the attention of Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine) who recorded and produced the full length album in 2016.

The band had a thirty date North American tour booked almost immediately and has consistently toured the West Coast of the US since then.  In Spring 2017 the band signed with Eclipse Records and have subsequently released Not From Here.

Not From Here kicks off with a 2 minute intro track called Agent of Chaos that does not hint at the wonderful album about to be heard.

Alone is the real opener and gives a perfect introduction to the sound of Sifting.  This is the longest song on the album but holds interest the whole way through.  Kicking off with a driving drum and funky bass beat, before adding some real beefy riffs I am nodding my head from the start.  The nodding becomes more banging as I head through the verses and chorus, then in progressive rock fashion I am provided with a majestic soaring solo like something you may find on a Pink Floyd album. At times the solo seems to be almost meandering before taking me by the throat as it breaks into a thrashy bridge.  A half sung, half roared chorus and then I am let go softly as the song finishes with another Floyd like flourishing solo outro.

Lyrically, Alone is about the end of the world and typically, humans are the root cause.  Eduardo is the main songwriter for music and lyrics, of which Alone contains gems like “This world has cancer and we are the veins“ and are sung beautifully with a combination of anguish, anger and passion.  This song alone is worth taking a listen to this album.  The rest of the album has a good mix of tracks with something for everyone.

Blowing Fire follows and has enough hooks to keep me very interested.  Next is the title track Not From Here, it reminds me of some of the newer Avenged Sevenfold in so many ways.  I find with every listen it is growing on me more and more.

The next three songs are very radio friendly in length, Blurry Paintings is the expected ballad, not the best track here but I don’t find myself skipping it.  Pledge of Our Generation is an upbeat, rocking song, one that is built for airplay. Nothing But Us is another of the stronger tracks, I can hear hints of Rage within in its harmonies through the chorus.

The next two tracks brings us back to the more progressive side with songs each clocking in around seven minutes long.  First up is Things Change a duet opening sung hauntingly by Eduardo and Stephanie Yavelo which then transitions into a real good rocker.  Epsilon is a very progressive instrumental that shows off the bands musical chops in full regalia.  The album finishes off with the aptly titled Gloom, acoustic for the most part before growing in stature delivering a great end to a fine album.

This album has a bit of something for everyone and is well worth taking it for a spin. I find myself putting it back on for yet another listen because I just haven’t had enough yeT.

Sifting – Not From Here is out now on Eclipse Records