Symphonic power metal outfit Silver Bullet, the band built around former Dreamtale vocalist Nils Nordling and ex-Turisas bass player Hannes Horma will unleash their second album, Mooncult on March 29th, 2019 through Reaper Entertainment Europe.

The band has just yesterday released the first single titled She Holds The Greatest Promise – The song can be heard and watched in the form of a lyric video Below!

The band states: “Already before we went to Sound Supreme Studios to record Mooncult, we knew that She Holds The Greatest Promise would be the first single from the album. A perfect album opener that has everything we love in metal. The combination of furious riffs, fast double kick, massive orchestrations and a real choir, really lifts the song to new levels. It’s also an amazing example of the new, evolved Silver Bullet: It’s faster and thrashier than what we have ever done before but it’s also more melodic and full of hooks. There’s a lot more coming soon, so stay tuned and stay metal!”

Mooncult tracklist:
1590 Edinburgh (Intro)
She Holds The Greatest Promise
Forever Lost
Maiden, Mother And Crone
Light The Lanterns (Scavengers Of Death)
The Witches Hammer
The Chalice And The Blade
Burn The Witch
Purgatorius Ignis (Intro)
Eternity In Hell
Battle Of Shadows
Lady Of Lies

Silver Bullet‘s inception dates back to the year 2008 when the band was founded under the name of Dirge Eternal and it was around this time that the quintet started carving its very own niche by basing their entire lyrics on the gloriously gory genre of horror movies. The first demos already served as ominous harbingers of the gloriousness that was to come, before former Dreamtale vocalist Nils Nordling and ex Turisas bass player Hannes Horma completed the pack and helped forging the full-length debut Screamworks that was released in mid-2016. The album‘s guiding theme – classic horror movies – was masterfully transferred to the stage, with actors serving as zombie nurses, possessed little girls and even as a chainsaw-wielding lunatic, making Silver Bullet‘s notoriously entertaining live shows an audiovisual experience in a class of its own. After an extensive and highly successful stretch of touring, the Finns will return with their second offering of powerfully orchestrated, riff-infused Symphonic power metal in 2019. Having teamed up with up-and-coming metal powerhouse Reaper Entertainment Europe, new shores of eerie excellence are just a knife‘s throw away. Brace yourselves to be ripped apart by Silver Bullets of purest heavy metal!

Nils Nordling – Lead Vocals
Hannes Horma – Guitars
Henri Asikainen – Guitars
Ossi Elonen – Bass
Patrik Albrecht – Drums