US dark power metal group Silver Talon has unveiled their new music video for Kill All Kings, the latest single from their full-length debut album Decadence and Decay, out May 28th. The song showcases the guitar wizardry of Bryce VanHoosen (ex-Spellcaster) and soaring vocals of Wyatt Howell. The lyric video – which was produced by Ecliptic Visions and Sound, and can be viewed below!

Decadence and Decay is the long-awaited follow-up to the band’s acclaimed 2018 debut EP, Becoming A Demon – will be released on May 28.

Says VanHoosen, “Kill All Kings is an anthem dedicated to eliminating anything opposed to achieving one’s true will. It’s about rejecting the easy life of royal comfort (or the servitude of modern neo-feudalism) and putting your neck on the line to embrace a life on your own terms. Not only that – it’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Who knew apostasy could be so much fun?”

Kill All Kings is another display of the thrilling combination of heavy metal hooks and guitar-driven virtuosity that has powered Silver Talon since their formation in 2017. The song is the third preview of Decadence and Decay following last year’s unveiling of the album’s blistering lead-off track Deceiver, I Am and the release earlier this year of the thunderous follow-up single As The World Burns. The album – which features striking cover artwork from noted fantasy artist Gerald Brom (Doom, Diablo, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft) – also features a guest appearance by guitarist Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Death) on the song Resistance 2029.

With a virtuosic triple-guitar attack, a rumbling rhythm section and powerful vocals, Silver Talon was birthed in 2017 after rising from the ashes of the acclaimed Pacific Northwest metal group Spellcaster. Guitarist Bryce VanHoosen joined forces with fellow ex-Spellcaster member Sebastian Silva – who also plays in goth-rockers Unto Others (formerly Idle Hands) – in a shared mission to keep the heavy metal flame burning brightly. Bolstered by the soaring vocal attack of Wyatt Howell (Sanctifyre), Silver Talon began 2018 by unveiling two demo tracks, Devil Machine and Warrior’s End, which showcased the group’s ability to create fist-clenching, head-banging heavy metal through a combination of masterful hooks, lush melody and technical dexterity.

Silver Talon subsequently built on this foundation with the release of their self-released debut EP Becoming A Demon, which included re-recorded versions of their original demos with Zack Ohren (Exmortus, Fallujah, Machine Head) alongside three new originals and a cover of Sanctuary‘s Battle Angels featuring that group’s former guitarist (and future Nevermore/Arch Enemy guitar hero) Jeff Loomis.

Silver Talon is:
Wyatt Howell – Vocals
Bryce R. VanHoosen – Guitar
Sebastian Silva – Guitar
Devon Miller – Guitar
Walter Hartzell – Bass
Michael Thompson – Drums