Chains and blades in a lightless alley, broken glass scattered amongst the filth, weakly reflecting the dull glow of a pale moon that struggles to peer through the smog poisoned night sky. Before an audience of rats who watch, chattering, waiting for blood, between the split bags of rotting waste, a tableaux of senseless violence will be performed, a desperate, discordant ballet of brutality. It will end in another meaningless death in the mire of shit and decay that hides behind the bright lights, another life without purpose ended in the shadows. Let the show begin…

Adrenaline and anarchy, explosive aggression and savage glee, laughing as the world burns and spitting on the wreckage – they come howling from the freezing backstreets of Montreal, with their first full length album, Deadly Intrusions – this is Skumstrike! Armed to the teeth with razor wire riffs and a lunatic need for speed, two piece wrecking machine comprised of ZS and LA is driven to destroy.

Combining the raging fury of raw and bloody thrash with the cold violence of black metal and the defiant attitude of hardcore punk, these maniacs are dangerous! Blood Red Vision channels the chaotic thunder of primal Celtic Frost, while the punk attack of Panic Obsession is a mind-melting high, a total loss of control that barely pauses for breath before leaping into the bass driven madness of Another Shot Of Fear. As the curtain falls, a frantic high velocity cover of Poison Idea’s Nothing Is Final provides the perfect cataclysmic ending to this heart stopping thrill ride to destruction. Deadly Intrusions is reckless and wild, riding on the crest of a wave of insanity with no thought or care for tomorrow. While previous EPs, Pure Coercion and Execution Void, made vehement threats and promised carnage, this is where Skumstrike stop talking and start killing.

Recorded and mixed by Pat McDowell (Spectral Wound, Profane Order et cetera) and mastered at Enormous Door (Darkthrone, Bastard Priest et al) in Texas, Deadly Intrusion is a snarling, feral beast that will rip, rend and tear you to pieces. The disconcerting artwork of Ibay Arifin (Slabdragger, Orion) completes the package, adding a final chilling touch of fear. When label Selfmadegod set loose this brainsick barrage of dirt and devastation on April 8th there will be no place to hide. Prepare to fight or die!