Originally formed in 2013 by Jeff Wilson (guitar) and Fernando Villalobos (drums), Toronto-based act Sludgehammer’s initial lineup came together with the addition of Daniel Ayers (vocals/bass) and Christopher Szarota (vocals). By the end of the year, the band had released a demo which gained considerable ground for them. 2014’s EP Organ Harvester introduced Dan Ayers as a co-vocalist, creating a unique sound that moulded Sludgehammer into the heavy and groovy band it is today.

In 2016, the LP The Fallen Sun was released; fast and chunky it was well received by fans and the media. Unfortunately, after the release of that album, the band parted ways with Szarota and Josh Stephney was brought on board to complete the album cycle.

With the lineup finalized, Sludgehammer hit the road and laid waste to every stage they set foot on, showing their fans that they were now stronger than ever. After a few successful tours in support of The Fallen Sun , it was time to start writing the next record, Antechamber, which was set for release in 2019.

That album was released by the band itself in April this year, and within it’s grooves can be found a cover version which can only rightfully be described as ‘titanic’. ‘

And very apposite, for Sludgehammer the band have covered Sledgehammer the song… that’s right, the track that is still sending it’s progenitor, former Genesis man Peter Gabriel, meal tickets to this day, has been remade and remodelled in a very pleasingly metallic style indeed… so strap yourself in, crack open some booze and enjoy the clip right here!