Danish label Emanzipation Productions has announced the signing of Solstice, from Miami, Florida. Casting The Die, the band’s new album, will be released in digital, CD, and LP (four different colours: red, purple, marbled blue & black) formats on April 23rd, 2021. The Solstice back-catalogue (the albums The Sentencing and Pray, as well as their 1991 demo) will also be reissued by Emanzipation on both CD and vinyl formats.

Few bands can claim to have forged the Florida death/thrash metal sound as Solstice did. Back in the early nineties, pivotal albums such as Solstice and Pray set the milestone for the local scene and for the whole style to look up to. Now, the Miami quartet is back, regrouped with the immense talent of new recruits Marcel Salas (Cyst) and Ryan Taylor (Malevolent Creation), and drop an album that, being faithful to the nineties Solstice sound, is exactly the soundtrack to the state of the world today. Casting The Die is equal parts intensity and speed, technical ability, and sheer fury. And, for a band with ages ranging from twenty three to fifty, they present themselves as a tight unit.

“Ryan came into the band at seventeen years of age”, guitar player Dennis Munoz comments on the new members. “A player beyond his years and an excellent fit on guitar and lead vocals. Taylor joined a group with members more than twice his age and truly brought in a new hunger for the band. Marcel Salas is truly an outstanding and gifted bassist and musician. Proficient in many styles including jazz and latin. His playing is prominently featured and absolutely shines on this new recording”. Munoz also weighs in on the way Casting The Die stands in Solstice discography: “As stated by Ryan Taylor, this new recording is a fusion of the first and second”.