Basque metallers Song of Anhubis will be unleashing their sophomore album  Reversed Reflection  via Rockshots Records on October 23rd, 2020. The band creates a passionate, introspective, intense, and diverse gothic metal that was first introduced to the world on their 2016 debut full length  Revenge As Redemption. Not quite following in the exact musical footsteps of their precursive album, their second record takes a one hundred and eighty degree turn as it experiments with electronic elements and sounds more akin to rock and metal along with their staple gothic influences.

Featuring ten tracks, Reversed Reflection is a journey between two opposing worlds, light and darkness, the instinctive, and the rational. Blunt guitars and arpeggios are combined with electronic elements, very melodic passages even melancholic in some cases, with the strength of double bass drumming and simpler fragments with the addition of some extra ingredients that will surprise listeners. All of the emotion on the record is felt through the diverse vocal range of frontwoman Rei Reych.

Reych adds: “I have always been passionate about music and singing since I was very young, so music has been present in my life all the time, both in good times and bad. That’s why I always wanted to create my own soundtrack for my feelings and experiences, to be able to express everything that is sometimes difficult to define with words alone. When I met Pol (Johnson, guitars) collaborating with my voice in a concert of the band in which he played, and after having already been the vocalist of two bands, he offered me to start a project together. We had the same musical interests, a very similar taste and we connected great from the beginning, so when he showed me the riffs he had composed, I accepted immediately, we started this adventure called Song Of Anhubis…”

Taking four years to write and record, Song of Anhubis experimented with different styles for their second full-length offering. There is nothing on this album that they have not composed with all the dedication, attention, and care. Each part of each song had to give the band the feeling they were looking for to represent what Song of Anhubis is and what they wanted fans to experience as a sonic journey.

“We wanted to combine ethereal passages on the one hand with forcefulness on the other to create a perfect mix between the two worlds, the primitive and strong alongside the melodic and introspective. On this album, we talk about rage or anger, the fight against the injustices we see, or live every day. We also speak about the moments when surrender is tempting, about the life force inherent in each one of us, the resilience, the struggle between routine and the stereotyped against what is really transcendental and authentic, the deepest feelings, etc. In conclusion, it’s an album full of lights and shadows that we hope the listener will enjoy and connect with. Something that Francisco Plazas (our graphic designer) has captured perfectly for the album artwork too.” adds the band.

In celebration of announcing the release of Reversed Reflection, the band is sharing with fans the music video for the first single Teratos. The track is melodic featuring double drums, edgy guitars, and incredibly high operatic vocals.

Vocalist Rei Reych explains the single: “Teratos is a simple yet complex song that we composed in order to bring out the wildest and most heartbreaking part of us. Teratos came at a time in my life when I needed to let off steam about certain personal issues, so I turned to it completely. The constant self-demanding and non-conformist attitude led me to rehearse every day in whatever little free time I could find to increase my vocal range and explore new voice techniques. This track is actually a small internal conversation about emotional awakening, that inherent force that at one point comes out like a beast that had been locked up. Of course, it is based on my own experiences and it is a track in which I gave extreme importance. Let’s say that what I wanted at that moment more than anything else in the world was to express myself to the fullest with my voice and this track is one of those.”