On the Verge of Dysfunction was actually released late last year – in October, if memory serves me right – but has recently received a vinyl reissue – hence it’s coverage now in Sentinel Daily.

Released to celebrate German thrashers Speedwhore’s tenth anniversary, …Dysfunction really is a birthday treat. That is, it’s a treat if you love the classic Teutonic thrash sound of 1986, because Speedwhore have that sound absolutely down pat. The EP’s best track, Dead City, sounds as if it’s a long lost missing track from the first Kreator Album – with a hint of Destruction thrown in – whilst the primitive, doomy, keyboard-laden intros that crop up from time to time have surely been taken from a tape recorded in about 1984.

If you don’t like the Teutonic sound there is absolutely no point in investing any money in Speedwhore. If you do, this is eighteen minutes of thunderous thrash that you won’t want to let pass you by.

On the Verge of Dysfunction is out now.