Bleeding Nose Records presents the latest single from Stesy, We Like to Party, a brutal metal cover of the timeless Vengaboys classic, released this week. This track is not only a tribute to the Eurodance hit of the nineties but also a captivating reinterpretation, reinvented specifically for the metal community.

Stesy, the high-energy partycore band from Austria, is known for challenging the metalcore scene with their unique blend of relentless metal, beats, and a steadfast refusal to use clean vocals. With more than five hundred and fifty thousands streams on their latest releases, the band has proven that their vibrant sound and lively live performances have garnered a broad and dedicated following.

We Like to Party exemplifies Stesy’s band philosophy: an explosive combination of celebration and fury, carefree dance moves that regularly culminate in intense mosh pits. The single promises to grip listeners with a series of explosive breakdowns and catchy rhythms that form the track’s foundation.

Chris, the band’s frontman, vividly recalls the impact of the original and emphasizes how Stesy has transformed this cult classic into an anthem that evokes nostalgic feelings while capturing the raw energy of metalcore. Fuchsl, the bassist, adds: “Just like the Vengaboys, we spread good vibes, but with us, it’s amplified by the energy of the mosh pit“.

We Like to Party is more than just a song – it is an invitation to celebrate in the spirit of metalcore, a perfect symbiosis of the familiar and the new, bound to thrill both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Celebrate the release of We Like to Party with us and help spread Stesy’s message in the metal community!