Greetings, and thanks for taking part in our end of year festivities! For those unnaccountably not in the know, please identify yourself, and your role in the band. “Hi all! I’m Jimi Brown and I’m vocalist for the UK hard rock/metal band Stormbringer. It’s my job as front man to make sure everyone at our shows has a good time and rocks out as hard as they can”.

And a very important job it is too. Now to the questions proper: What was the best album you bought this year? “Not a new one, but I only just discovered Monster Magnet‘s  Powertrip and god DAAAAMN I can’t turn it off! The production and his voice is killer”.

It is, indeed, a splendid album. Staying on a positive note, what was the highlight for you personally in the last year? “Our first hometown show after our new album was released was just incredible. But the fanboy in me has got to say fist bumping James Hetfield during at the Metallica gig in Birmingham in October. The dude is my idol and I lost my mind! I’ve high fived Brian Johnson, Fist bumped Hetfield, all I need now is to get a ‘F**K OFF!’ from Ozzy and I can die happy”.

I’m sure he’d be only too happy to oblige. He’d probably throw in a drenching from one of his water guns too. And what about lowlights? Who stunk the place out musically in 2017? “I try not to slate other bands anymore, I just don’t listen to what I don’t like. Took me way too long to realise you don’t have to insult other bands or genres of music you don’t like, it’s better to let them have fun at their thing and you keep rocking yours”.

Moving away from music, what have you found disappointing about the wider world in 2017? “We’re turning on each other and ourselves too often. Things are tough for everyone at home and work and life at the moment. We should be standing side by side and looking after the guy next to you, not stepping over those in trouble. Life’s a mosh pit, we need to pick people up when they fall”.
A nice analogy! What’s on the cards for the band/you in 2018? “We’re wrapping up our headline album launch tour for Born a Dying Breed. Next year we’re going for more tour supports, festivals and shows. We’re so proud of this album and can’t wait to take it as far as we can. Who knows where we’ll end up!”
Well, obviously Australia, hopefully! It’s December now, and we’re coming up to the party season – what’s the better night – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what will you be drinking? “Newcastle Brown Ale and Kracken are definitely my weakness but sharing a good single malt with the old man and brother can’t be beaten”.

Mmm.. brown… Sorry. I got momentarily distracted. What’s the first thing that springs to mind if I say ‘Australian metal’? “Not metal, but rock is always AC/DC and Airbourne“.

We’ve just started Sentinel Daily Radio – what five songs should every metal radio station have on it’s playlist? “Only five?! I guess you got to start with Metallica – Mercyful Fate. Eleven minutes of riff that just can’t be beaten! I know Slipknot are either loved or hated but I love them. Slipknot – Eyeless always gets me ready to kill. RammsteinSonne was THE song that converted me to the dark side. The video and the riff and everything hooked me and never let me go! Motörhead have got to be in there too. Either The Chase is Better Than The Catch or Overkill, I’ll let you guys pick! And last has to be Mötley CrüeKickstart my Heart. It’s almost my anthem. Pure energy and party that gets everyone singing and feeling good. Hey glam metal is metal too, right?!”

Indubitably it is! Finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Please, please, please look after your local music venue. We know of four venues here in the UK that closed within fourteen days of each other while we’ve been touring and the closures are stifling so much talent from ever getting through because there are less and less places to play. And when you do go to a gig at your local venue, try to buy a tee shirt off the band. Merch sales for the band keep them going more than you’d realise. Thanks for having us and hope you love our new album!”

We do! Thanks for taking part Jimi!’

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