Portuguese Master-proggers Sullen proudly announce their sophomore full-length! Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion will be released digitally on March 5th 2021 on all platforms and in a limited CD edition through the band’s own channels.

Nodus Tollens is a neologism by John Koenig used to define the feeling of insecurity that some people get when they find that their lives don’t make sense anymore. Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion portrays the apprehension of reality and the need for a paradigm shift; the realisation that you’re not following the arc of the story – you must go back and reread the chapters you skimmed to get to the good parts – and that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

Sullen’s new album establishes a sonic evolution from the band’s debut, while retaining the sombre nature that characterizes their music. Layered textures of fierce vocals, guitars, drums, synths and sound effects are intertwined with meditative passages, all permeated by the turmoil of changing time signatures and elusive chord progressions that make for an enticing listening experience.

The band is a collective force of multiple personalities intertwined and driven by a common search for new musical possibilities. From the eerie and vulnerable emotions of their debut Post-Human (2015) to the fierce tales of human awareness and redemption on the new opus Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion, the band’s lyrics and music deliver food for thought in massive and sombre sonic landscapes. Layered textures of vocals, guitars, drums, synths and sound effects make for an intense experience that will shake listeners to their very core, inspiring meditation into the depths of the human soul. Embrace this journey with an open mind and heart and you’ll be taken to higher realms of existence and consciousness.