Prominent Ukrainian power metal act Sunrise has recently revealed details of it’s fourth full-length album release, coming on May 18th under the name of Equilibria.

This time the band, mostly known for it’s use of the sound highly valued by fans of names like Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, promises far more than its classical musical approach. Thus, the thirteen songs that comprise Equilibria will be a mix of classic power, symphonic, epic, modern and progressive metal with some experimental touches, such as the use of the traditional Ukrainian instrument the bandura.

After three full-length releases – Liberty from 2007, 2009’s Trust Your Soul  and Absolute Clarity (2016) Equilibria shows a new level in approach to arrangements and the overall sound of the songs.

The first single from the album, The Bridge Across Infinity, was released in 2020. It is based on Richard Bach’s novel and is one of the songs which is experimental for the band,representing the progressive part of the album. At the same time, Sunrise promises that it was “just a first spark from the flame of the future release”, and for Equilibria as a whole they have prepared a lot of surprises and interesting music points.

One of the changes in comparison with the previous Sunrise albums is that Equilibria will have more place for female vocals: the voice of the keyboardist and backing vocalist Daria Naumenko this time will receive more space and will come to the fore in a number of songs as lead vocals next to the as always mighty vocals of Konstantin ‘Laars’ Naumenko. The work of four lead guitarists on Equilibria, each of whom brought their own ideas and even songs into it, makes the album even more diverse.

This new album is a kind of international work: Slovak vocalist Mayo Petranin, a member of Symphonity and Castaway, became a guest on one of the songs, and Polish friends of Sunrise joined the band to write the lyrics for the new album.

To release this new album Sunrise launched a crowdfunding campaign on the band’s website, where the fans were able to support the release by pre-ordering it or buying merch. Previously the band has already had two successful crowdfunding stories – with the release of the Absolute Clarity album in 2016 and the re-release of the Trust Your Soul album in 2019.

Wings Of The Dreamer
We Are The Fire​
Wild Swans
Call My Name​
Unbroken Dreams
Life Is A Journey (featuring Mayo Petranin)
The Only Reason
The Bridge Across Infinity
The Shadow
The Bell​
Rebel Yell