American punk rock operators Swilson operate in the fine tradition of American rock n’roll that takes it’s influences from names like The Dictators, The Tubes, New York Dolls – you know the score.

Add to this a slight dash of the clod hopping stadium punch of Blue Öyster Cult and Kiss and the knowing latter-day art rock of The Strokes and you’ve got a pretty convincing schtick.

Tracks like Stoned in Blood and Axeman of Your Dreams definitely walk the walk, treading a fine line between all-out commitment and on-the-edge outsiderism; At times you feel like you’re party to a few old dudes trading stimulants and shooting the breeze about their respective record collections, playfully outdoing one another as they produce ever-rarer grooves for their chums to admire, yet at others they attack the job in hand with the wide eyed enthusiasm of a troupe of just-off-the-bus young pups ready for whatever the strip has to throw at them. Both styles appeal; both styles are mastered.

So the bottom line here is you’re probably not going to get a lot out of this corking little album if you take your coffee with a dash of denim and leather. Rather we might be in business if you’re reading this clad only in a pair of studded leather underpants and a feather boa… if you see what I mean.

The ragged, piano-propelled Rats With Wings is quite, quite superb, and whilst all the material on offer isn’t quite up to that elevated standard Swilson might well just have come up with my latest ‘getting ready to go out on the lash on a Friday night’ album, for which they have earned my undying gratitude.

If you have nothing particularly against waking up feeling slightly dirty and in need of a good shower with no memory of what went on last night, you’re gonna lap this up. I just know it.

Swilson will be released by Vanishing Point Records on October 26th.