America-based yet formed by Satan alumnus Russ Tippins, Tanith purvey a gloriously-unashamed mid-seventies brand of hard rock that’s high on athletic rhythms, classy playing and neat harmonies and gratifyingly low – given the obvious influences on show – on pointless excess.

Tippins has long been one of British metal’s most monstrously underrated guitarists, and his playing here, in tandem with Charles Newton, is near faultless as usual. He’s no mean vocalist either, it turns out, sharing vocals with diminutive bassist Cindy Maynard. The pair often share vocals on the same song, which gives things a nice dynamic; Tippins isn’t a metal screamer, opting for a slightly understated vocal style, which complements Maynard’s Candice Knight-styled singing very well.

Musically the band cast their net far, but not particularly wide. Everything on In Another Time sounds like it might have been found in a time capsule buried in the cabbage patch of a Newcastle Primary School in about 1979. Wishbone Ash loom large, as do names like Renaissance and, on the rockier numbers, Uriah Heep circa John Lawton. Wing of the Owl (Galantia Pt. 3) as a title in itself should give you an idea of the overall ambience on In Another Time, but it’s also the best track, showing off the whole band (rounded out by impressive drummer Keith Robinson) at their most alluring and effective.

Cassini’s Deadly Plunge isn’t far behind, propulsive drumming powering perhaps the most metallic guitar work on the album, whilst the slightly less urgent Eleven Years also impresses with it’s laid back mix of lazy, hazy vocals and relaxed yet solidly on point lead playing. Imagine the first Dire Straits album rocked up a bit and with Stevie Nicks joining in for a bit of a sing song and you get the picture, yes?

If you don’t, then I can only suggest that you head out and get hold of the album as soon as it becomes available in your locale. Front-to-back brilliance doesn’t happen very often in an album release these days, but Tanith have managed just that with In Another Time.

Metal Blade release Tanith’s In Another Time on May 24th.