Dark Energy.Treacle thick, heavy and seething with riffs and undulating melodies, this is a storming single to kick Temple of Lies‘ new campaign off and ramps up the excitement for this hugely talented Midlands based band’s forthcoming summer release.

From the band:”Dark Energy combines a mixture of musical and vocal styles designed to be both theatrical and dark as the title suggests. A gentle yet sinister intro riff leads into theatrical verses flowing into a heavier sections as the chorus kicks in for the first time, which then builds to a crescendo of heavy with a twisted nylon outro. The accompanying video is an introduction to the band’s new concept album theme which will be further revealed during the lead up to the release of The Serial Killer Suite“.

See Temple of Lies at these upcoming shows:

7th April – Mosh Against Cancer weekender, The Arches, Coventry
21st April – Kurokuma, DvNe, Temple of LIes and Wounded Cross, Pi Bar, Leicester
More dates tbc.