Hello Genevieve, and welcome to Sentinel Daily – How are you going? “Hello, I am great – just got back from Sydney watching Ross the Boss play a killer show” !

Does he play any other kind? But enough of the small talk- into the questions – what was the best new album you picked up as a music fan this year? “I would have to say the stand out album for me was Death Angel‘s Humanicide“.

And what about old stuff or reissues – did you reignite your love for anyone in particular this year? “I’ve been getting into more Carcass and Death albums this year. Just love the guitar sounds and riffs on these albums. So I’ve been trying to buy some of the albums I didn’t have in my collection”.

Can’t beat a bit of Heartwork! Or, indeed, Scream Bloody Gore! Personal highlights now – what was your own personal musical high point of the year? “This year has been amazing for Temtris in general but opening for Metal Church was amazing as I am a huge fan of theirs. As was performing our first ever acoustic show opening for Michael Sweet from Stryper. The feedback we got from that show was incredible. We still have Marty Friedman to open for too in December. Really looking forward to that night also”.

It’s certainly been a great year for the band on the live front – long may that continue! Away from you personally now, which other musician or band personally lit up the sky for you in 2019? And why? “I was definitely excited to get my hands onto new Flotsam and Jetsam material. This band has been one of my favourites for many years. Really hoping they get to tour over here sometime soon”.

At the risk of ageing myself, I saw them live at Hammersmith in 1987 supporting Megadeth when Jason Newsted was in the band! But enough of me… back to you, and the other side of the coin now – what disappointed you musically this year? “Just very sad to see more venues closing down. The smaller bands that are trying to climb up the ladder are struggling for venues to play. Hopefully some new venues can be established next year. The scene needs this to stay alive and thrive”.

It certainly does. And now looking forward – what does 2020 hold in store for you and the band? “The first gig for Temtris in the new year is Smashfest in New Zealand! We are headlining the festival there which will be a blast. We are looking at releasing some new Temtris tracks too and maybe some clips to go with them. It’s always exciting to release new music to fans and see the response we get”.

We’re approaching the party season – what’s best for you – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what’s your poison? “My life is one big party… work hard play hard. With all the shows we have had and been to I am actually looking forward to stopping over Christmas and taking a break with my family. But I am sure the New Year will be brought in with a vodka or two”.

Cheers! You are given the task of curating the music at your fave party probably a New Year celebration – what five tracks is no Festive Season party complete without?
Judas PriestPainkiller
WhitesnakeStill of the Night
W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody
MegadethTornado of Souls
MetallicaRide the Lightning

Classics all! And now finally – anything else you’d like the readers of Sentinel Daily to be aware of? If you’ve got something to sell – sell it here! “Temtris has all it’s CDs and news available on our website. Hopefully a new song will be out in the new year for all to hear too. Thanks for your time and horns up!”

Thanks for taking part!