New South Wales natives Temtris have been around the traps for a while now – Rapture is the band’s fifth full-length in a now-nineteen year long career – but until now they’ve always carried a bit of a ‘local hero’ air to them despite the odd couple of good tracks which have gilded their previous releases.

That feeling changes with Rapture. This is the album that sees the band kicking down the door to the international departure lounge at Sydney Airport, screaming ‘we’re ready to take on the world!!’

Hyperbolic maybe, and I take your point. But I’m guessing you haven’t heard this record yet. There isn’t an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen – or more importantly heard – anywhere on the album. And if the band retread some already well-worn ground in places, it’s merely to re-emphasise that they’ve mastered that particular facet of metal. As ever with Temtris, the focus is on vocalist Genevieve Rodda, but it’s well-placed; the woman is presented a star of gargantuan proportions on Rapture, a world-class vocal talent with all the power you’ll ever need and a talent for bile-filled emoting that many covet but few possess. Looking for pointers? Have another listen to the late, lamented Jill Janus and multiply by a five-figure number. And you’re still not getting close…

Anyway, what about the actual music!! I hear you cry… Well, it’s superbly crafted, finely honed trad/power metal that’s decidedly rooted in the old school, but sonically very up-to-date thanks to a super-heavy, state of the art production that really punches each track out of the speakers and into the space between your ears where all the good stuff lives. It’s a fabulous listening experience, let me tell you!

Run is probably this reviewer’s pick for standout track (no -it’s Breathe – Ed.), but you’re sure to select your own upon first contact. There are no sub-par tracks here, so the choice is wide! Suffice to say that if old-school power metal is where your heart lies, then this is a buy-or-die record. Go to it!

Rapture will be released on November 2nd. You know what to do!