With a name like that, it’s apparent that DeathFuckingCunt from Perth don’t pull any punches…

Their music, too, is a violent, destructive, cathartic expression of brutal/technical death metal where everything is played at blinding fast speed. It’s a sheer delight to witness extremity in its unbridled form, without it degenerating into thoughtless barbarity – despite the utter mayhem, there’s a method to this madness, with structures being followed and grooves being infused at breakneck speeds, often culminating in heart-stopping breakdowns and even electrifying solos. The sheer aggression on display here is an adrenaline-rush, guaranteed to leave you deeply satiated whether or not you’re a fan of this kind of death metal.

The brutality combined with technicality is refreshing because too often the latter is devoid of the pugnacity which is here, on the band’s new album, Decadent Perversity, in spades. This is an unstoppable high-speed juggernaut that will invariably pulverize you but it’s one that you won’t see coming. With THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BEATS PER MINUTE speeds being surpassed, the members, also in Wardaemonic, harness supernatural energy to pull off this overwhelming, shocking album that is bound to leave an indelible impression, especially physically. Decadent Perversity is the next level in brutal/technical death metal extremity while adhering to the tenets of the genre. Don’t believe us? You’ll be able to judge for yourself when the album is unleashed through Transcending Obscurity on June 10th…

Now, if live music’s what you’ve been missing, it’s time to get ready! Sydney grinding groove merchants Black Rheno have a stack of club dates and festivals lined up through April and May, including Halloween Hysteria (Brisbane) and The New Dead Fest (Adelaide). This is a band that has become synonymous with bringing an all-out high energy assault to every stage they play. Infusing their unique concoction of brutal sludged out grooves and grindcore via their three-piece blend of just drums, vocals and a single guitar. The wall of sound these three create is simply something in itself to behold. While their musical interplay and dynamics take the listener on a total voyage into pure brutal party mode.

In true Rheno style, it looks like we’re for another incredibly entertaining video clip too. Check out the tour teaser and first snippet of their new single Flea Ridden to be released in the coming month. Tickets are on sale now for The Vengeance of the Hound Tour, so get in quick as these shows are bound to pack out.

Friday, April 1 – Vinnies Dive – Gold Coast
Saturday, April 2 – Halloween Hysteria – Brisbane
Saturday, April 23 – 2022 – New Dead Fest – Adelaide
Thursday, May 5 – Wollongong – Servo Food Truck Bar
Friday, May 6 – Albury – Bird Dog
Saturday, May 7 – Newcastle – The Gal
Sunday, May 8 – Sydney – Frankies
Thursday, May 12 – Geelong – Barwon
Friday, May 13 – Frankston – Singing Bird
Saturday, May 14 – Melbourne – Last Chance
Sunday, May 15 – Sunbury – Sound Systems Studios


Sydney prog-metalcore dynamos Repriever are crashing into 2022 with the full force of a sledgehammer as they unveil their blistering new single InSpite. Driven by harrowing breakdowns and unrelenting grooves, InSpite marks a new era for Repriever delivering their signature raw intensity in a high quality production package!

Introducing itself with a merciless punch, InSpite treats listeners to an onslaught of syncopated instrumentation, terse riffs, a relentless rhythm section and rapid fire gutturals. Erupting in a nostalgia driven and aggressive wall of sound from the opening note, the group’s commendable musicianship builds and resolves tension effortlessly in a way that sends shivers down your spine. Vocalist Joshua Stuart delivers gut-wrenching melodies and haunting hooks that will stay with the listener long after the song has finished.

As impressive as this is, the lyricism is truly the highlight brilliantly describing the inner turmoil that comes with facing your abuser. The accompanying visuals are lit with vivid flashes and pyrotechnics as you witness the subject face their masked aggressor whilst being buried alive, leaving the story unresolved in the most unsettling way. This is exactly what’s special about Repriever, baring it all to explore confronting themes with their high velocity talent savaging the listener from multiple instrumental and vocal angles.

Says vocalist Stuart: “For me InSpite really brings out a lot of frustration bottled up from personal experiences I’ve faced through life. Not only dealing with the consequences of my own actions when I find myself acting impulsively but also trying to understand the reasoning behind the hurtful actions of others.”

This ferocious track stands as a powerful follow-up to the cult success of the quintet’s debut EP Idle Minds and singles such as Grim and Resurface. Both singles earned a place in editorial playlists such as Homegrown & Heavy on Spotify and Heaps Heavy on Apple Music with Grim gaining over 25,000 streams shortly after release. InSpite is a testament to the group’s mission to push core to its upper limits and beyond and is sure to jolt heads in Repriever’s direction…