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King return to the front after three years with their sophomore album Coldest Of Cold. Battle hardened and steeled for the next campaign, once again Indie Recordings and EVP Recordings are proud to stand alongside King to deliver this bellowing war-cry. This time there will be no mercy given and none expected. The melodic black metal trio from Melbourne is a force to be reckoned with.

King have spent the last two years painstakingly writing Coldest Of Cold with supreme focus and vision on forging black metal of the most monumental scale. As evidenced on their debut album Reclaim The Darkness – which reached number two in Sentinel Daily‘s Top 10 Australian Albums of 2016 Chart  King have a master’s grasp on creating music that evokes the scathing and pristine art of their forebears, such as Immortal and Satyricon. They inject it with even more triumphant melodic elements and dynamics, giving it an immense musical and emotional scope. Coldest Of Cold takes that initial statement of intent and expands on it. No less grandiose and magnificent. With this album, King have looked into the heart of darkness and delivered a truly savage and callous piece of work, even more richly evocative and transportive.

The time spent on making this album combined with the talent of the three musicians makes a powerful black metal release. Coldest of Cold by King is being released on November 22nd via EVP Recordings and Indie Recordings!

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Just one year following the release of their critically lauded debut full-length album, the superbly-named In Offal, Salvation, Canberran death-metal experimentalists Ploughshare are back with a new EP entitled Tellurian Insurgency.

Featuring three new songs plus a remixed version of In Offal, Salvation by Andrew Nolan, Tellurian Insurgency is set for release on November 29th on limited 12” vinyl via Brilliant Emperor Records and on CD/Tape via I, Voidhanger and Night Rhythms.

The EP is described by the band thusly as being: “A monolithic swarm of festering blackened death doom and a harrowing journey of irreversible descent into manifest catastrophe. The third conjuring of the indomitable Ploughshare is a finely engineered banquet of ambrosial backwash set against the group’s increasingly convoluted aesthetic and disturbed songwriting”.

Try as we might we couldn’t put it better ourselves!

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Victorian rockers Palace Of The King recently released their single and video for Move Through The Fire, which is out now on the Golden Robot Records label. You can watch the clip below!
The band are closing out 2019 in style by supporting the mighty Kiss on 26th November at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney.

How the Palace Of The King was built is a tale worth re-telling. At the end of 2012, the band approached Tim Henwood after seeing him sing with former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick. The guys needed a singer; Tim had no intention of joining another band but offered to help them find a frontman. Then Tim played the instrumental versions of the songs that ended up on the first EP; “When I heard the tunes, I thought, ‘I’m not gonna help anyone else get this gig!’” Tim added his vocals, and returned the songs with a two-word message: “I’m in.”

The Palace Of The King live show was instantly embraced by rock fans. The Australian Musician Network covered one of the band’s early gigs. “These songs don’t really fit into a single genre,” the reviewer stated. “Except maybe ‘kick arse’!” And Melbourne’s Beat magazine said simply, “Palace Of The King set a new standard in Aussie hard rock.”

Palace Of The King dig the raves, but this is one band that’s more than happy to let the music do all the talking. Their message is loud and proud. They believe in the power of rock.
After touring Australia with Rose Tattoo in 2018, Palace Of The King are reuniting with the rock ’n’ roll outlaws and returning to Europe in March 2020 for a monstrous run of dates.
Palace Of The King’s fourth album will coincide with the tour. As Joel O’Keeffe, Airbourne’s lead singer and guitarist, declared: “They are the real fuckin’ deal and I can’t wait to see them setting fire to Europe soon!” Joel loves Palace Of The King so much, he poached the band’s guitarist, Matthew “Harri” Harrison – the ultimate compliment. After more than seven hundred gigs, including three headlining tours to Europe, Palace Of The King are road-hardened and ready to rock. Anywhere, anytime.

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Melbourne-based melodic metal outfit The Last Martyr have returned with a new single, Like A Ghost, a track that tackles the contemplation of giving up on goals and aspirations when the going gets tough, and overcoming the negative thoughts we all struggle with. The band has also announced they’ll be jumping on the Melbourne date of Bare Bones‘ East coast tour to launch the new single live!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), Like A Ghost is a hard-hitting tune from start to finish with a heavy, haunting undertone that compliments the theme of the track. Vocalist Monica Strut‘s impressive vocals are flaunted with soaring highs and harsh screams that are utilised in a chorus that’ll get you humming along by the second half! Monica explains the thoughts behind the single in saying that “Like A Ghost is about a conversation with someone contemplating giving up on a lifelong dream. At first it was written about having that conversation with someone else but later on I realised that it is also a conversation that many of us frequently have with ourselves.

“There are good days where you feel on top of the world and bad days where there devil on your shoulder takes over. The song is about trying to stay positive and learning to catch yourself in those darker times whilst also recognising that as difficult as the unconventional road may be, it’s a hell of a lot easier than becoming a shell or ‘ghost’ of yourself by giving up.

The music video takes a unique lyric video format with concept and direction taken from David Owen Blakley of Her Name is Murder Productions (Sepultura, Norma Jean, Ocean Grove, Our Last Enemy), and depicts a range of emotions that are experienced as we venture through unconventional pathways – including within the music industry and in entrepreneurship.

The producer explains that “the majority of the scenes were intended to play out surreal. Because everything was filmed by a collection of people on various devices I knew early on that the only way for the video to feel visually coherent was to actually do the opposite of that. So I created many dreamlike situations in order for the viewer to be aware they were not experiencing a “normal” reality. The various stages and characters of Monica represent the many emotions we wander though on a day to day bases as we deal with our decisions, choices and mindset.”

The Last Martyr’s previous singles Into The Black, Stay Awake and Fear saw the band achieve national radio play on Australian alt.rock station triple j. Stay Awake also attracted the attention of Butcher BabiesHeidi, who added them to her ‘Sisters That Slay’ playlist alongside the world’s best female voices in heavy music! The Last Martyr will serve up their speciality mix of intricate musicianship and soaring vocals when they jump up to support Bare Bones at Melbourne’s Stay Gold alongside FANGZ on Saturday December 7.