The third album from Finnish metal mongers Thaurorod can be casually summed up as Megaman X meets Dragonforce meets Oliver Cromwell. But that’s not a bad thing…

Throughout the album there are some really great riffs and some songs stand out as ear worms that hang around just on the edge of your mind, not intruding, just existing there. There’s some serious synth work from Harri Koskela, and he should be commended for the sheer number of notes he throws around.

Power starts the album off on a strong footing. Emil Pohjalainen and Lasse Nyman get to work straight away with solid guitars that draw you in and Andi Kravljaca paints a beautiful vocal picture, rich in colour and tone.

The Commonwealth Lives – probably the standout track for me. It’s a power metal fans wet dream. Stupidly fast solos, synths and historical narrative. Phwoar!

Coast of Gold is a bit slower, but the guitars gallop through the keyboards and a chorus you can easily get behind keeps your attention.

24601 is a song that will just stick in your head. The slow building of Andi’s vocals brings you to the chorus and the odd cadence will stay with you while you wonder why you read Les Miserables in the first place.

Feed the Flame kicks off fast and doesn’t really slow down. Joonas Pykälä-aho lays down some brilliant drum work here. In fact, this song is a great example of what each band member can do.

Cannibal Island is probably the weak point for me as the premise is just a tad too ridiculous. Some nice bass from Pasi Tanskanen though.

The intro to Into the Flood could easily be from a Megaman X game. Great mix of synth and guitar. Love it.

My Sun Will Rise has just the right tempo, but just feels a little light in the guts. The chorus saves the song though.

Illuminati slows down a little bit, but carries you through to the last track, Halla – where we part ways on a ballad that actually is good. So many have failed, yet Thaurorod have succeeded in the near impossible.

While such a synth heavy band is a little bit out of my wheelhouse, I enjoyed Coast Of Gold. The band really know how to write a winning bridge and chorus combo. Would I buy a patch? I’ll have to listen to the rest of their catalogue before deciding, but I’m considering it!

Coast Of Gold is out now via Drakkar Entertainment.