Finland’s Thaurorod release their new album Coast Of Gold on 16th February via Drakkar Entertainment.

Their home town of Hyvinkää is better known as Finland’s hotbed of black metal. Something of a deviation from the norm, power metal gunners Thaurorod have one by one felled every obstacle in their way, including a revolving door of members in their formative years. The trio of founders however, Pasi Tanskanen, Joonas Pykälä-aho and Emil Pohjalainen have stuck together through thick and thin. After releasing three self-financed EPs (2005–2007) and having sold them independently all around the globe the band got signed by Austrian NoiseArt Records and its close cohort Rock the Nation management. As the fruits of this union two formidable and well-loved albums were hatched: Upon Haunted Battlefields (2010) and Anteinferno (2013). Several successful tours followed, as direct support to genre greats like Sabaton, Symphony X, Nevermore and Alestorm.

Often likened to groups such as Sonata Arctica and DragonForce, Thaurorod’s music is fast-paced, symphonic power metal, glistening with the kind of catchiness and melodic sensibility that puts the competition to shame. Now celebrating their fifteen year career with their massively anticipated third album, Thaurorod is ready to blow the competition out of water and get the recognition they so richly deserve.

Their subject matter delving into everything historical and fantastical, the band returns cannons loaded with ten songs that will bombard you with melodic, lush choruses to die for and good vibes that will leave you drenched with euphoria. With fifteen years of experience of all the good and the bad in the business and a new record company behind them, Thaurorod return, armed to the teeth with a killer album they’re here to shanghai you to their ship to sail with them. Welcome aboard!

Never ones to rush into things, the band have fostered their new album with patience. The completion of Coast Of Gold has been a labour of love which is certainly audible all over the album. Expertly produced by the band themselves and featuring Pasi Tanskanen’s grade-A song-writing chops, Andi Kravljaca’s soaring crystal clear vocal delivery, Harri Koskela’s elegant keyboard dynamics and Joonas Pykälä-Aho’s rapid-fire drumming Coast Of Gold is an album the power metal aficionados will cherish for years to come. Not just that, now internationally lauded as one of the premier guitarists of his generation, Emil Pohjalainen (co-winner of Guitar Gods Festival 2016 in Miami) and his brother-in-arms Lasse Nyman could surely burn your synapses with their fretboard fireworks, yet for Thaurorod, the song remains king.

Coast Of Gold takes us seaborne and to lands unknown with unforgettable power metal shanties such as Power that blows the wax out of your ears like a sea breeze and tickles the sweet spot of your melodic sensibilities, the impossibly catchy Cannibal Island and the inimitable title track that will linger in your ears for days on end. The perfect flipside of their musical doubloon, Halla in turn is an ode to winter fragile and majestic as life itself.