London death dealers The Bleeding are back with a third full-lengther, Monokrator – to the shelters!

I say full-length, but at eight tracks in length and a tick over thirty two minutes in duration, Monokrator is no long-winded exercise in bloated bombast. Oh no, these guys know a thing or two about locating targets – in this case your ears – and obliterating them in short order. Opening track Chemical Lobotomy is a rip-roaring intro and statement of intent, harnessing the sheer madness of US gods like Overkill and Exodus but coating them in a glutinous sheen of filth that is pure Brit metal. It’s a hard-to-best combo, as even the slightly less explosive material here manages to ignite the listener’s senses in a way most outfits ploughing this particular furrow could only dream of…

Mid way through the album, the band unleash a killer one-two punch in the shape of blackened rager Union of Horror and straight-up, heads-down monster Screams of Torment, that are absolutely up there with what anyone in the field is doing in 2023; The addition of new bassist Jordan Muscatello – a man with a muscular, grinding sound that works perfectly with drummer James Loh‘s deaf-defying battery – has only added to the band’s power, but, as with last album Morbid Prophecy, it’s the blast-furnace brutality of Jamie Stungo‘s vocal assault and Tasos‘s off-the-scale axework that really focusses the mind. Both men are at the top of their games here (OK, all four members are), and this makes for a seriously exciting set of tunes.

Monokrator is a little more straightforward than it’s predecessor, but loses nothing for that; Direct to the point of bluntness, yet still immensely likeable, The Bleeding have hit upon a sound that manages to stay true to itself despite drawing from all the best that death metal in all it’s guises has to offer. These guys are a true one-off, and deserve to be celebrated as such. Great stuff!

Monokrator is out now.