This is a proper delight. Like some strange combination of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves, Switzerland’s The Erkonauts bust out 11 juicy bass-filled tunes with I Did Something Bad. Opener The Great Ass Poopery sets the tone for the rest of the album; it’s a marvellous bass driven number which is both manic and joyous – you simply must fling yourself about as it throbs from the speakers. This followed by the equally up-tempo stylings of Tony 5. It’s truly entertaining without slipping into pastiche. Apparently I Did Something Bad (which is the band’s debut album) is a re-release from 2015; such was the demand for this little treasure. Starting hard, All The Girls Should Die then goes mellow, again the bass is stupendous, and it’s got weird Californian punk vibe to it with an uplifting finish that goes absolutely nuts before ending with some huge cock-rock solo. Nola gallops along with a great bass break, and I couldn’t help but twitch along to the compulsive beat.

It’s gets a bit exotic with Dominium Mundi with slow Velvet Underground vibe then it bursts out of the slow section to become violet (yet groove-laden). Then it slows. Then it goes off again. But truly Hamster’s Ghosthouse is one of my favourites; high synth and punching bass are some of the highlights. There’s so much angry groove but then it gets all 70’s prog with some highly sexual guitar solo that conjures Pink Floyd‘s Shine On You Crazy Diamond. There;’s more satisfying bass with Gog and the sorrowful acoustics of Your Wife subtly build in to a beautifully layered tune. A wee ukulele intro to 9 is Better 8 (much like a children’s song) becomes something quite spectacular while Machine returns to machine-gun rhythms with a major funk on between the drums and bass. Closer Cubotos is slightly discordant and will force you into unconscious wind-milling like a mad-man. A wholly engaging (and most satisfying) album.