Despite being together for over a decade, this is the first full-length release from Attica power/thrash exponents The Silent Rage. I’m ashamed to say they’ve managed to completely pass me by thus far, however now that sorry situation has been rectified I hope to enjoy many more releases from this excellent band.

The Deadliest Scourge is one of those rare albums – one you’ll be able to listen to, all the way through, over and over again. It’s so well tracked, so supremely executed that the listener simply won’t ever find themselves getting bored with this album. The vocals of Steve Venardo are a highlight throughout, slightly reminiscent of his compatriot Apollo Papathanasio yet retaining their own character at all times, whilst the heavyweight battery of drummer Stamatis “Revan” Katsafados keep the music moving forward in brutal, unremitting fashion.

Tracks like Leading the Legions and StormWarrior could be considered standouts, although the material is of such uniform high quality as to render picking the best songs out pretty pointless. The acoustically-driven closing track Shadow Spirit is noteworthy simply because it takes its foot off the pedal for six minutes, yet the soulful vocalising of Venardo renders it no less powerful for all its lack of oomph in the axe n’drum department.

Talking of axes, both Kostas Krikos and Nikos Siglidis put in big shifts throughout. With the sparingly-used leadwork of Krikos really slashing through Siglidis’ heavyweight riff assault when it needs to. Unfortunately bassist Stavros Tsilivarakos doesn’t get much of a look in in the mix, contenting himself to rumble away in the background providing ballast, though when he is given the spotlight – for a brief few bars on Proselytize the Masses – he grabs the opportunity with both hands.

I can’t think of many better bands to come out of Greece in the last few years – certainly not playing top-drawer power metal like The Right to Dream, anyway – and if you like well put-together, melodic yet muscular power metal then you’ll absolutely love The Deadliest Scourge.

The Deadliest Scourge is out now.