Ten tracks, clocking in at less than half an hour; Milwaukee pub punkers The Slurs don’t fuck about, delivering high energy thrills and spills that get straight to the point and leave nothing to the imagination.

Remarkably, second track Do What You Want resembles nobody so much as Brit punk legends Chelsea, and next track Trust No One ploughs a similar furrow, with a distinct hint of fellow Yanks Rancid hovering in the background. It’s singalong stuff, simple riffs propping up the limited but powerful vocals of singer CJ, and though there’s no doubt you’ll have heard most of these riffs deployed by other people in other songs before, that’s not really the point. This is party music first and foremost, a celebration of the down and dirty aspects of life that actually seem to make said life worth living, and The Slurs recount their tales with conviction and skill.

Fat Machine is a great party rocker for instance; mixing punk, hardcore and metal in equal measure to create a maelstrom of sound that might quite possibly be responsible for the destruction of your living room if you slap it on the ol’ death deck in the wrong company. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Best track Defenceless manages to cram Status Quo and Social Distortion into the same living space, a bluesy chug crowned with uber melodic vocals, and it’s a must hear if you like this kinda schtick.

The second half of the record kicks of in slightly inauspicious style with the rather prosaic Blood and Alcohol, but Info Age gets things back on track with another chugfest from axeman Jason and another top notch performance from CJ. The excellent Slash Me gives a bit of elbow room to Jason for a nice little solo and the gang vocals on the chorus add a bit of heft to proceedings, resulting in probably the heaviest track on the album.

The last two tracks, I Wanna Destroy You and Something For Pain alternate between straight-up punk (the former) and something a little more thoughtful (the latter), giving evidence that there’s plenty going on up top with this band. They’ve made an incredibly enjoyable record in Shatter Sessions – give them a whirl!

Shatter Sessions will be released on February 8th.