The Three Tremors, featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens , Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin, and Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck, have announced the imminent release of their new album Guardians Of The Void and a corresponding US Tour for Nov 2021.

Check out the video for single Bone Breaker below!

Coming off the successful release of their self-titled debut album, several North American and European tours, and the release of the solo versions of the first album, the Three Tremors shot out of the cannon at a frantic pace. They were pursuing an aggressive pace of live performances when the shutdown forced them to cut short their North American tour in the middle of their run in early 2020. They wasted no time however and got to work on another new album. Now their sophomore effort Guardians Of The Void is ready for blast off and will hit the streets worldwide November 5th, 2021 through the Steel Cartel label.

Twelve songs are found on this wicked rocker of an album and once again they cover all the bases of heavy metal. As with all Steel Cartel releases, only the songs that receive video releases will be on the streaming platforms, so the physical medium and the fans that support and collect them, are the bands priority and focus. And speaking of great physical product, the band has once again hired Marc Sasso to do the cover artwork once again. Sasso is best known for his work with such companies as Marvel and the WWE as well as Halford, Dio, Cage and many others. He has hit it out of the park once again with this haunting, other-worldly painting that captures the mysterious essence of the album title perfectly.

Tim Owens describes how the recording process went down. “We had just started our second North American tour promoting the Solo Versions that we had just released, when everything started to shut down. It was a shame because we had some really good momentum and the shows were selling well including a few that were sold out in advance. When we realised that we could be sitting home for a while we all started putting these new songs together and recording them.”

Harry adds: “I had moved to Greece during this whole time and they guys started sending me song after song at a furious pace. The songs were kick ass and I found it easier and more natural to collaborate and add my ideas and nuances this second time around. We have toured and done so many shows together now the comfort level was there and they came together really quick. The end result is amazing I think.”

Sean continues: “Everyone in the band has a lot of other projects going on so it was good we could all pull together and make this follow up album. Now Sean our drummer (Elg) is also in KK’s Priest with Ripper so we are stoked that we could not only put out another record but also get a tour in before everyone gets busy. We have spent so much time together we are like a heavy metal street gang and have a blast performing these songs and going on the road. With these new songs available from the Guardians Of The Void album, our setlist will be even more vicious than before if that is even possible!”