Good day to you sir – it really is a priviledge to have a bona fide heavy metal legend gracing our pages. Now as unlikely as this may seem, some readers of Sentinel Daily may not be fully au fait with you – so please identify yourself. “I am Barry Graham Purkis, also known as Thunderstick“.

First question to ease you in. What was the best album you bought this year? “Casualties of Cool by Devin Townsend“.

And what was the highlight for you personally in the last year? “The release of the Thunderstick album Something Wicked This Way Comes“.

Of course! And what an album it was! It’s great to hear authentic music like that made by someone who was actually there when the legends were being forged. But what about lowlights? Who stunk the place out personally and musically for you in 2017? “The realisation that I had trusted in some people that were untrustworthy… Musically the low light was seeing ZZ Top live and thinking that they had become caricatures of themselves”.

I must say the footage I saw of them at some festival or other earlier in the year was incredibly perplexing. What have you found disappointing about the wider world in 2017? “Listening to the constant bleating of politicians about the UK’s Brexit talks…aaaaarrgggh”!

It’ll all be over soon… Now, what’s on the cards for the band/you in 2018? “Playing live with a brand new lineup”.

Exciting times for sure, but before that we’re coming up to the party season – what’s the better night – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what will you be drinking? “Undoubtedly Christmas Eve…I have always found New Years Eve to be depressing. Drink? JD & Coke – the Holy Water of rock n’rollers”.

I should have expected nothing less! What’s the first thing that springs to mind if I say ‘Australian metal’? “The sad news that Malcolm Young died this year and that AC/DC are probably ‘no more’”.

Sad indeed. On a lighter note, we’ve just started Sentinel Daily Radio – what five songs should every metal radio station have on it’s playlist? “Always Look on the Bright Side of LifeMonty Python, Rock n’Roll All Night – Kiss, Highway SongBlackfoot, Night Prowler – AC/DC and Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix“.

All selections duly noted and logged! Anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Sentinel Daily? “All the members of Thunderstick wish you guys a Bonza Christmas.
How about we all get together in 2018 so we can play for you!”

A great idea! You’ll be most welcome I can tell you. Thanks for taking part!