Hello there! Welcome to Sentinel Daily and thanks for being part of our My 2017 series! Firstly could you please identify yourself, and your role in the band? “Tom Collier, lead vocalist, lead guitarist and founder of Held Hostage“.

An easy one to start – What was the best album you bought this year? “Canedy, Headbanger. A killer CD!”

Yes, we enjoyed it very much here in the Sentinel Daily office! What was the highlight for you personally in the last year? “There were several highlights, starting with having legendary drummer/producer Carl Canedy (The Rods, Canedy, Anthrax, Overkill) not only produce but play drums on our new EP Show me the Way Back Home. Then doing a double bill with one of my all time favourite bands The Rods, and finally having Carl Canedy play drums with Held Hostage at a live concert in October this year”.

That’s a lot of highlights! But what about low lights? Who stunk the place out musically in 2017? The low lights would be having to say goodbye to two long time friends/players in the band. It was a very hard decision but sometimes making a lineup adjustment is needed to move forward. As to who stunk the place up musically, that prize would go to mainsteam radio. They are no longer promoting bands and new music like they used too”.

Too true. That apart, what have you found disappointing about the wider world in 2017? “Streaming services and Youtube are making it harder to sell albums. I get royalty cheques every month for tens of thousands of streams of our songs that equate to hardly anything. If bands were selling CDs like the old days we would be considered to have gold records. Streaming services are great for music lovers but hard on musicians”.

What’s on the cards for Held Hostage/you in 2018? “Big things; A new, follow up CD to our EP. It will feature some of rock’s biggest names joining us in the studio. Starting with special guest vocalist, iconic singer Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Joe Lynn Turner Band) singing one of our songs. Then add rock legend Carl Canedy producing and drumming on it. We’re also bringing in another great singer Jim Crean (Appice brothers, Jim Crean, Hair Nation) to help us out. And we will be adding one more rock icon which we will announce in January. Also we are going to be doing some great outdoor festivals in New York and around the country”.

Wow! Plenty to look forward to! We’ll look out for that final announcement next month. Now, we are in the middle of the party season – what’s the better night – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what will you be drinking? “New Years Eve, I am not sure what I will be drinking. Either some Labatts Blue Light or red wine”.

Nice. What’s the first thing that springs to mind if I say ‘Australian metal’? “AC/DC and Death Dealer,who feature my brothers Ross the Boss (Manowar, Ross the Boss Band) and Stu Marshall“.

Have a listen to Stu’s new band, Night Legion. They’re great. And we’re trying to get Ross the Boss in for an interview early next year! But enough of that. We’ve just started Sentinel Daily Radio – what five songs should every metal radio station have on it’s playlist? AC/DC – Sin City, Iron Maiden‘s Number of the Beast, The Rods – Hurricane, Black SabbathNeon Knights, and Held Hostage’s Take Me Away“.

A nice mix – thanks! Any final words for the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Thank you for interviewing Held Hostage. We just want everyone to know… we are team united with the same goals, Tom Collier, Scott Gregg, Frank Smith, along with special guest drummer Carl Canedy, and our road crew Eddie Spears, Don Schmidt, Alex Abbott, Debbie Abbott, Linda Rowe, Charlie Rowe, Patty Verdi and Scott Lash. Special thanks to photographer Randy Neal, famous artist/Navy veteran Jay Haiden, Amanda Miller Dyer, logo designer and photographer Scott Braun, and our website designer Heather McCoy at 315 Design. Helping veterans through our music is our theme, as we raise monies for veterans of all wars, to help them cope with life after they return home”.

A laudable aim – good luck with it. And thanks again for taking part!