My oh my. Triple Goddess are a new name to me; in fact this spectacular album was passed on to my by my colleague Ferry Templeton, who believed it ‘might be something you’ll enjoy’. If we were handing out medals for understatement, we would now be referring to our resident Crusader as Ferry Templeton VC, DSO(Bar) – that’s right… this album is right up my alley!

In simple terms, Triple Goddess appear to have mastered the gift of time travel and taken themselves and the listener right back to 1981, with devastating consequences. Coming on like a headswimming mix of Y&T and The Rods – you read that right – Ready to Burn is quite simply the best album I’ve heard of it’s kind in possibly the last fifteen or so years.

The band hail from New Jersey, and tracks like Burnin’ of the Midnight Oil certainly carry that hard rockin’ tight-as-a-gnat’s chuff Springsteenian diligence so beloved of bands from that locale. This is music born from literally thousands of hours treading the Jersey club circuit boards, and it’s a delight to hear.

Occasionally you get a slightly Southern hint, at others the full-blooded whiff of names like Foghat and Savoy Brown. The raucous blues of Lazy Lucy is a steamrollering case in point.

But for the majority of the time this is just firing-on-all-six hard rock from the old school, taking no prisoners and bowing not once to anything that might in any way be considered modern. It’s blue collar, it’s proud, and, if you let it, it’s gonna rock your socks right off, let me tell you.

In the old days many bands like Triple Goddess would get signed to major labels make one or two great albums then fade back into obscurity; that state of affairs no longer seems to exist so, when we find bands like Triple Goddess we need to thank the Lord for showing us how great simple, well-executed rock n;roll was, is, and always will be. For old rockers like me, this is manna from the metal Gods – I think you’ll like it too…
Ready to Burn is out now.