Melbourne’s melodic thrashers Triple Kill have released their new single, Finish The Fight, in tribute to popular science fiction video game series, Halo. It is the first song released since the band’s debut album, Age Of Rebellion in 2018, and is an appetiser of what to expect from future Triple Kill releases.

Watch the apparently Victorian government-approved video for the song below…

Finish the Fight is an appropriately titled tribute to the Halo universe, sharing its name with Martin O’Donnell’s anthemic original score. It serves as a heavy metal love letter to events experienced by all Halo fans by lyrically following themes of the story while sonically nodding to musical techniques employed by O’Donnell throughout the series.

Recorded at Monolith Studios by Chris Themelco, Finish the Fight is the first of multiple planned releases for 2021 as Triple Kill continues working steadily on their future second album.

Triple Kill adds, “Finish The Fight is our way of sharing our nostalgia for the old days of all-nighters with our best mates and our fondness for the messing about we still do today in that game. Really this song is as much for us as it is for those who grew up next to us”.