This is Tusmorke‘s third album and the big question is why the fuck I haven’t heard this crazy shit before? This is like some mental 70’s prog mashed up with medieval folky flute madness. The bass is fat and bubbling and there’s so much organ drenching every track that the album should come with an 18+ sticker on it. Fruity pornography, I say.

Initially I was compelled to view this album as some kind of strange novelty but there’s something about it that I really dig. Opener Ekebergkongen has refrains from (I think?) In the Hall of the Mountain King and it makes me want to dance with billowing silk handkerchiefs while besmirched in glitter make-up like some mentalist hippy. Every lyric is sung in the band’s native tongue so I don’t know what the fuck they’re on about. This doesn’t detract from the enjoyment though. It’s proper mad.

But it is an incredible album – I can almost imagine that I understand what the singer is going on about; particularly on Da Reiser Fra Oss with its ‘ahs’ and ‘ooh’ melodies (I think ‘ah’ and ‘ooh’ have a universal meaning across all languages?). It’s just too bloody fruity and flutey, and every time I stick Fort Bak Lyset on, I just start grinning like a loon. I don’t understand it (Sod it – I don’t even understand why I love it) but I do love it nonetheless.