US hard rock/metal band Vandallus will release their third powerhouse album Outbreak on December 12th, 2019 across all formats via Mercinary Records. It’s all about classic dynamic recordings with a real live drummer, no pitch shifting, and no crushed or fake elements. The album was produced by band members CrazyV & Vanik, with recording taking place at Mercinary Studios (Avon, OH). It was mixed and mastered by CrazyV, with assistance from Noah C. Buchanan.

The band features two thirds of the mighty Midnight in their line-up. Vandallus is Jason “aka CrazyV”, Vanek‘s baby; Midnight boss Jamie Walters also wrote a few songs to kickstart the debut album On The High Side (2016) via High Roller Records. The idea came about of making an album in the vein of late seventies/early eighties hard rock. Being that there was a significant amount of underground buzz about the music, band became a functioning unit

The sound of On The High Side is a very direct and sort of old school sound, according to Jason, that’s exactly how it was originally planned: “The main vibe with this band is all about capturing an era that won’t be forgotten, just straight forward old school hard rock without the bullshit. I had the debut album mastered by Arnie Acosta (Santa Monica Mastering) who worked on many of the classic productions of that time. The follow-up album Bad Disease was recorded live in the studio and released in 2018, and now here comes the third powerhouse Outbreak, ready to be unleashed upon the world”.

He continues: “Vandallus are very much motivated to play live as often as they can. Generally, we like to stick to more festival-type shows because we like to put on a full out energetic performance without cutting any corners. The eighties is an era that I’m truly inspired by, and through the music we’re trying to get the upcoming generations to be as inspired as I am. Our goal is to get the younger kids to see the energy and vibe, and experience what the classic shows were all about”.